August 20th

it’s been almost a month oops

this is going to be pictureless and brief because really not much happened

i somehow made it through an ENTIRE MONTH of ops costuming really i don’t know how i did it it is so incredibly dull

on monday i started training in the character room where we help minnie, mickey, snow white, and all the others get ready for their meet and greets. some of my friends actually started out in character room, and now they’re training on the electric light parade or the castle show.

today was actually my last day of training, and i’ve got a couple test days then i’ll be on the fly team. being the fly, i’ll come to the character room at the start of my shift and if ops needs me, i’ll go over to ops; character room, i’ll stay there.  and if any of the shows (dream along with mickey, halloween stuff in two weeks) or parades (move it! shake it! celebrate it!, festival of fantasy, or the electric light parade, again halloween in two weeks) need me, i’ll be sent up there and trained on the spot. so i have the potential to learn every show and parade.

a few weeks ago i by chance met the woman in charge of the costuming team for the christmas parade, had a lil impromptu interview, and she said i’ve got a “pretty good chance” at getting on the team yay.

Waiting for my fave parade

july 25th

last time i finished before delaney and i went to check out downtown disney

it is SO BIG like way bigger than disneyland’s

also home to my new fave shop

(if i was in merch this would be my dream location)

from when we arrived until last friday (2 days? 3 days?) we had multiple orientation type things and then on friday we had Traditions

Traditions is a thing that everyone who wants to be a cast member knows about

it’s a sort of welcome to the company thing, with a bit of history and ‘this is what we expect of you’ etc etc

this is also the day you get your name tag (a very, very big moment for me. you have no idea how much that meant) as well as a pair of ears

we also got temporary company IDs, so we were able to get into the parks and of course we took advantage of that and of our day ending at 1 and went to epcot as soon as we got back to vista

spaceship earth. or as tourists say, ‘the big golf ball’, ‘the sphere’, or ‘the orb’

epcot (walt originally intended it to be a legit city… ‘experimental prototype community of tomorrow’ like really futuristic and he had this really sweet design all laid out but after he died the imagineers were like ‘dude this is a HUGE huge project we definitely don’t want to mess it up so we’re not even going to try’ and so the real physical epcot of today is made up of future world (very science-y with areas focused on the land, seas, and space) and the world showcase (11 different country themed pavilions)

in the canada pavilion there’s a giant parliament looking building, which is home to a very fancy restaurant called le cellier, and then there’s a little niagara falls, as well as “~victoria gardens~”, a mini ode to butcharts. and then this movie called ‘o canada’ that is 360 circle vision. so you stand in this room with screens literally all around you and it starts off with a blizzard and a narrator talking about how barren and cold it is then martin short comes in and kicks him out and gives a sort of tour of the country. victoria’s in it, as well as butcharts and my favourite place in the world, cathedral grove (i cried, i’m not going to lie. it was magical)

i didn’t take any pictures except of this one inside the queue for the circle vision

(not very exciting)

the day after that, saturday, we had our first sort of training class. after traditions we sort of got sectioned off until it was just costuming. but saturday it was a bunch of us in entertainment - so costuming, performers, and equity (no-name parade dancers and musicians).

sunday, my birthday, we went to hollywood studios and delaney bought me those fabulous birthday glasses (we actually saw them at downtown disney that other time and i made her promise to get them for me)

monday was the operations section of training, so costuming, photopass photographers, and something else i can’t remember. we did a lil tour of magic kingdom, and got to see the castle show, dream along with mickey.

tuesday was finally narrowed down to JUST future costumers and we learned about all the different areas, and had the sweet opportunity to help pluto, daisy duck, stitch, and timon get ready. we also had tours of the four different main costuming complexes at each of the parks.

wednesday was the first real at work day of training, and we (me and another canadian from UCR) were starting off in animal kingdom, then yesterday at epcot, and today was our final day of training at magic kingdom. epcot is definitely my favourite, it’s a good in between animal kingdom’s slowness and magic kingdom’s business. and also because of the world showcase and the different international programs, there’s a ton of diversity as far as the cast that goes through there which is really cool.

tomorrow i have the day off, and i’m going to epcot to do the future world area (last week we only did the world showcase. although i will definitely be going to canada and watching circle vision again.) and then maybe go to this pin trading thing that delaney’s going to later in the day.

At Hollywood studios with my buds

july 16th

hey pals

it’s been a while yes

but it’s been a hectic 9 days trust me

we had the majority of our classes last week, ending with a disgustingly easy exam (aced it, by the way. literally 100%) and presentations. went to disney on saturday with delaney and mary (from my hospitality program) and her roommate. it was fantastic.


^ my two favourite shows at california adventure - 1920’s band on top, five & dime (the lady’s name is dime….. five musicians. you get it.) and on the bottom, the red car news boys (mickey makes an appearance and sings about having nothing but a suitcase and a dream)


rivers of america ft. the mark twain riverboat, looking down mainstreet to the castle, sleeping beauty castle, and the matterhorn.

delaney got picked to “sing” with the dapper dans


aaaaand then us on space mountain. classic.


such a beauty of a day. also we got in for free yesssssss.

sunday we did laundry and packed, the last of the presentations on monday, then caught a red eye to orlando.

arrived around 6 on tuesday morning, got picked up by a family friend of delaney and he took us out for breakfast, drove us to vista way - one of the four apartment complexes - where we checked in and got our housing placement.

delaney and i are roomies, like we requested but. on the request form they ask for your top 3 (of 4) apartment preferences. we didn’t put vista on AT ALL and yet we got stuck there. but at least we’re together so that’s good.

vista way is the oldest complex, and is widely known as being the loud party one. and it’s in somewhat crappy condition. i’m pretty okay with it, considering the quality of last year’s staff accom but yeah.

we have a two bedroom (so four people, the other two girls are from ontario) on the top/third floor so we’ve got really nice very high ceilings.


me and delaney’s room ft my bed and corkboard



after check in yesterday, delaney’s friend took us to walmart to buy bedding and stuff, and then to this vegan/gluten free mecca called whole foods.

also he’s really into disney pin trading, so he comes to this area every week for new pin set releases and has offered to take us grocery shopping/whatever when he’s here. so nice.

earlier today we had a sort of orientation type thing, and we’re just getting ready to go check out downtown disney and probably grab some dinner there.

also the weather here is NUTS. there’s two sets of hour long torrential windy downpours every day around the same time and the humidity????? and everything smells like a greenhouse. florida is a mysterious place.

July 7th

hey dudes

the day after my last update we went on a field trip to La Quinta, a Waldorf Astoria resort near(ish) Palm Springs

it was nice and all but the hr reps we met with were very flakey and very money focused. total turn off.

the next day was the first real class, and it was ‘the importance of ethics’. eight hours talking about ethics.

later that evening we went into downtown riverside, for the riverside art walk that happens the first thursday every month. all (well most) museums are free and there’s a parking lot full of artists selling their stuff. we also went to check out the mission inn -

aaaaand an unknown cool looking church

after that it was the fourth of july. we unfortunately didn’t really get up to anything (public transit on holidays suuuuck) except for a lil barbeque and watching fireworks from the rooftop.

the next day, my friends and i signed up for one of the optional trips, to LA. the first stop was santa monica (LOVE santa monica. if i had to live in california forever it would be in sm)

and on the pier:

found this classy gem in on of the tourist shops

after we did the pier, we walked into town a little bit to the 3rd Street Promenade, this sweet farmers market

and of course i took more pictures of my favourite hotel~

and for sara some sweet dinos

after our three hours in santa monica were up we were towed along to hollywood

obligatory disney shout out

AND this neat lil thing

scientology headquarters aw yeahhh

after hollywood we went to the grove on fairfax. a cool big farmers market on one side, a huge outdoor mall on the other.

oh and the ONLY celebrity sighting of the day, josh peck. he was on this kids/teen show called drake and josh as a lil chubster but now he’s kind of a babe. we were eating outside of this veggie place (me and other no gluten friend delaney had gf pizzas from nextdoor, so good) and he just walked in to the veggie place and i looked at everyone and said ‘oh my god i’m 90% sure that was josh peck’ and he came back out and looked at us and smiled and HE KNEW he definitely knew that we knew who he was. but we never actually talked him. bummer.

update numermo 2


we had a free day on sunday, so i went with some brits, a spaniard, syrian, and kazakhstani to this great big mall a 40 minute bus ride away, bought some things, blah blah. that night there was a barbeque over at the IV (international village, where the 21 and overs live) so i wondered over there with the three girls from my program and we hung out for a bit.

yesterday was a day full of orientation and paperwork. and disney planning. there are four optional trips, disneyland, LA, universal studios, and sea world. not doing that last two because blech. but definitely doing LA (this saturday) and i mean i was prepared to go to disney, but the day that is planned out is for the fourth. no thank you. so a bunch of us are trying to figure out a way to get to the park (public transit would be ~10 hours, thanks to the crappy scheduling on weekends). cabs are looking pretty good right now. also a few of us know people who work there, and they may be able to “sign us in” (for free) or get us sweet discounts.

today was sort of our first day of class, but the entire time was team building exercises and junk like that. there’s this thing called the marshmallow challenge where you’re given a bunch of spaghetti noodles, some tape, a piece of string, and a marshmallow. you have to build a free standing tower with the marshmallow on top, the objective being building the highest tower. my team won both times yessssssss.

during lunch a few of us got together to fill out the online housing request form (DORMS) and sadly found out that we’re only allowed to request one roommate, rather than ‘linking’ with as many up to 7 others to live with. there were four of us who wanted to room together, so we split up and are hoping that we just end up together anyways. delaney (other big disney fan) and i requested each other, and our other friends, alanna and ashley put each other.

after class we took the shuttle to the grocery store and bought potatoes and hot dogs (and a few gluten free brownies yusssss) and ventured down to the basement where the microwaves are (we only have mini fridges in our rooms) and did up some baked potatoes and hot dawgs, then went outside for a nice lil picnic.

after dinner we went over to the IV for another barbeque, in the spirit of canada day and hung out with the other canadians for a bit.

hey dudes

yesterday i headed over to van in the morning to spend it with sara, and she got me this sweet fuji film instant camera for my birthday (whoa!!!!! so cool)


(my second picture with said cool camera. the first was a disaster)

after i said bye to sara i took the train back to the airport, where i met up with three of my program pals at the fairmont there. i couldn’t really sleep that night, i don’t think it was nerves or anxiety or anything. it could have to do with the other girls watching the matrix at like 12:30. whatevs.

the next day, get up at 5, pack up, head down to the check. those of us who weren’t international students had a heck of a time dealing with this lady who INSISTED we use the self check in machines. then when we try to check our bags, she says ‘oh wait you booked it with [x]? you have to go in the line up to check your bags’. what the heck!!!! so frustrating.

anyways, get through there and one of our own, this guy arthur, got selected for more screening (average white boy. least suspecting person).  and he just barely made the plane because of it. so rude. (and mom the guy at customs only looked at the DS whatever form. not a single other thing. sheesh.)

anyways into the plane yay


pretty uneventful.

get bags, hang out with the other island peeps and waited for our ride to get there. took a giant bus to UCR and literally everyone fell asleep.

got to where we’ll be living, the ERC (extension residence centre. i think.) and had a lil orientation, and got assigned our rooms. we didn’t get to choose our roommates, and mine isn’t even here yet. she’s supposed to be here at nine, and it’s currently quarter to. she’s from france, her name is raissa. hmmmm.

i had a glorious nap then headed downstairs to see what everyone was up to. wrangled a few people for a trip to the grocery store (stater bros, what even) and stock up on sandwich materials so i don’t have to do the crappy lunches from the caf.

then the sun set, and that’s pretty much it.